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Personal Peace to International Peace

Ella Matheson

Founder of Peace in the City

An enlightened Peace Ambassador, nurtured by

James O'Dea's Peace Ambassadors Training:


There are so many crises in the world; and, we all know as peace makers, from personal experience how challenging and insurmountable they may sometimes feel.


Many of you may know about synchronicity, I experienced one such moment in early 2014; when I knew profoundly, I wanted to explore how inner peace could be translated into world peace. The teacher appeared and I transformed into an Evolutionary Leader.  It is this I would like to share with you here.


You will also find more information about many positive peace building initiatives taking place from the inner to the international.


If you would like to know how to integrate timeless wisdom to live with love and create life enhancing, sustainable solutions as citizens of a more beautiful world then join us!


Peace in the City shares ideas that cultivate compassion, contentment, and peace, creating cities that are kinder, more beautiful, peaceful places to live, to thrive, to work and love. Peace in the City raises the awareness of the value of meditation, and  timeless wisdom for modern lives.


Ella is a Compassion Consultant, a Writer, a Conscious Activist to establish a United Kingdom Ministry of Peace.   A Recipient of the Dadi Janki 100 Women of Spirit award 2016.  A Trustee of the (Desmond) Tutu Foundation UK, and a Peace Education Programme Facilitator.


She is an author of two books; 'Keep Style Rules - 7 Seven Chakra Secrets to Keep Glam and Glow!',  the upcoming book "The Art of Being - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Lives'' and co-author of: 'I Am...A Guide to Your Alchemical Journey Within'.  She is a trained Architectural Designer; in earlier careers she was a Mars Venus Facilitator personally endorsed by Dr John Gray and a Principal Diversity Officer, Women's Equality. 


Peace in the City is a consultancy, highlighting the value of meditation and ancient wisdom for Evolutionary Leaders living modern lives. This is combined with practical contemporary scientific research, to provide strategies, solutions and experiential events that raise awareness of the value of timeless teachings for personal and societal transformation.


Peace in the City shares ideas that cultivate compassion, ideas that cultivate contentment, ideas that cultivate peace, creating cities that are kinder more beautiful, peaceful places to live, to thrive, to work, and love.



The Peace in the City mission starts with cultivating inner peace, we then test the hypothesis that peace within translates to empowerment and peace in the world.  We would love you to join the experiment!



Peace in the City design numerous training courses and events to empower you and your organisation in evolutionary transformation.  


These are a few of the programmes we share. . .

1.  I Am Workshops, are primarily the schools programme, however, these workshops can be designed for groups of all ages and also for organisations.  We use the powerful narrative of personal journeys to create 'a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible'. 


2.  #StandInPeace is a community initiative created specifically for International Peace Day 2014, where we come together at 12:00 for a unique meditation with roses, these are then distributed into the nearby community.  This year join us at The Fairfield Halls in Croydon: Please Register Here to secure your place on Saturday 21st September 2019.


3.  Peace Architect Certification  We are enlightened peace makers, keeping the dream alive with a three month online programme for Social Justice, Equality, Intersectionality, Environmental and Economic Sustainability; creating valued dialogue with meditation, particularly poignant in areas of conflict around the world and our own communities.  


We work in partnership with local government, community organisations, a range of businesses and global peace experts to bring to you cutting edge strategies and solutions to thrive in life.  We have also started an awareness campaign elevating the desire for implementation of a United Kingdom Ministry of Peace, we are Being the change. 


We would love to hear from if you would like more information about what we do, or how you can be a Compassion Consultant in your own community, wherever you are in the world, let us know how we may assist you.




Practice Areas
  • Compassion In Business

  • Enhanced Creativity

  • Energy Dynamics

  • Project Management

  • ​Inclusive Leadership

  • Creative Collaboration