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Ella Matheson

Founder of Peace in the City - Peace in the City shares ideas that cultivate compassion, contentment, and peace, creating cities that are kinder, more beautiful, peaceful places to live, to thrive, to work and love. Peace in the City raises the awareness of the value of meditation. 

An enlightened Peace Ambassador, nurtured by

James O'Dea's Peace Ambassadors Training: James was a former Director of Amnesty International New York.

Ella is a Meditation Teacher, Writer, and Peace Consultant. A recipient of the Dadi Janki 100 Women of Spirit award 2016.  A peace Education Programme Facilitator, https://www.tprf.org/ Tutu Foundation UK Trustee, for Community Inclusion and Sustainability She is an author of two books; 'Keep Style Rules - 7 Seven Chakra Secrets to Keep Glam and Glow!',  the upcoming book "The Art of Being - Ancient Wisdom for Modern Lives'' and co-author of: 'I Am...A Guide to Your Alchemical Journey Within'.  She is a trained Architectural Designer; in earlier careers a Mars Venus Facilitator personally endorsed by Dr John Gray and a Principal Diversity Officer, Women's Equality.