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         Mindful Meditation



        Drop-In Sessions from 7 October 2014 

                     till 25 November 2014

                              18:30 - 20:00


                          @ Candella

                  34 Kensington Church Street

                                 W8 4HA


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This is an experiential evening which has it's roots in Buddhism and is combined with cutting edge tools and techniques borrowed from neuroscience which lead to greater well-being and creativity at home and at work. You don't have to be spiritual, recite a mantra or meditate in a group.


               Mindful Meditation provides you with

             the tools to live your best life!

Peace Circle

We facilitate Peace workshops in schools, and with groups of all ages and in organisations. We use the powerful story of our personal journeys to create a more beautiful and peaceful society.


In the workshop we reveal to participants their innate greatness and how by the small actions we do every day we can change our own world, and the world around us.


Each and everyone of us has felt lonely, been in a situation of conflict, felt left out by society, had financial challenges or experienced war in some form.  In the workshop we look at the many things that we have in common.  In a fun and experiential environment we share tools and exercises to empower you and easily transform your environment.


The workshops are suitable for schools, and effective for youth organisations they can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.


Click here for more information and to reserve your place.




Peace Circles are an experiential process based on ancient wisdom and contemporary knowledge and insights.  In these circles we discover who we truly are and why we are here. The circles are organised for small groups of people to look deeply at the processes occuring, to create more cohesion and understanding of ourselves and each other.


Peace Circles are a very powerful process to create change in any kind of environment, from business, to situations of conflict.


The processes allow participants to look inward and reflect.  A truly transformational experience.

We would love to organise these circles in your business, community or with your network.


Contact us if you are interested for a life changing experience.



The circles will enable participants to:


  • Feel better about themselves and their environment

  • Create more empathy, and compassion of others

  • Acknowledge and acceptance of different view points

  • Have greater understand to collaborate and create lasting change collectively

  • Feel empowered to create a more peaceful and cohesive environment


      Meditation provides you with the tools

                    to live your best life!





What is Mindful Meditation?


     “Mindfulness is the continuous creation of new                    categories;  openness to new information; and an    

    implicit awareness of  more than one perspective” 


                                                           Dr Ellen Langer




Mindful Meditation with its roots in Buddhism, is scientifically proven to help people increase their personal effectiveness creating greater resilience to the stresses they might experience in their lives. This eight week experiential course combines traditional meditation practices with cutting edge tools and techniques borrowed from neuroscience which lead to greater well-being and creativity at home and at work.  You don't have to be spiritual, recite a mantra or meditate in a group.


It will include mindfulness meditation, visualisation techniques, movement and interactive discussions, with individually designed take-away exercises to be practiced at home to incorporate mindfulness into the flow of modern life.














Benefits of Meditation:

  • Reduce stress and boost the immune system

  • Effective decision-making and improved problem solving skills

  • Access greater insight and increase mental flexibility

  • Be better team players

  • Cultivate greater patience and compassion

  • Improve clarity with emotions

  • Reduce pain insomnia and hypertension

  • Create small and large life shifts with new perspectives on life

  • Enhance the enjoyment of life


Meditation is the art of stillness, silencing the mind.  When the mind is still concentration is increased and we experience inner peace, the competing demands of the world drift into oblivion.  This elusive inner peace is the essence of what attracts many people to meditation and is a quality everyone can experience.


In Schools "Quiet Time" (meditation) was introduced to some of the toughest schools in America


The result was phenomenal!

Suspensions fell by 45%

Attendance Improved to 98%!

David L. Kirp, Professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley





I Am Peace Workshop