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Ministry of Peace Petition 

Ministry of Peace Petition


A Ministry of Peace would shift the paradigm towards a new architecture of peace by supporting and establishing activities that promote a culture of peace in the United Kingdom and the world.


A Bill was presented to Parliament in 2008 to pave the way for the formation of a Ministry of Peace.

The Bill called for a new Government Ministry whose sole purpose would be to focus the resources of government on the promotion of peace and the eventual abolition of war.

The UK Ministry of Peace would be a cabinet level office in the UK government, securing enlightened dialogue to elevate, articulate, investigate, and facilitate non-violent strategic solutions to domestic and international conflict.   'The Ministry would provide within Government an expertise in non-violent conflict resolution, through which Government could be advised on how policies can be developed across government to reduce the potential for conflict.  Secondly, it would provide and co-ordinate Government resources to foster greater understanding in Britain and the world of how war can be avoided and peace achieved"  


It was US President George Washington who initially advocated a Peace Department, clearly visionary thinking for that time, even more crucial to resolve political conflict and social justice in the 21st Century.  More recently Dennis Kucinich is leading the US campaign.


In the UK Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, in 2008 concluded at the launch of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Conflict Issues that for every £1 spent on conflict prevention and peacebuilding £1885 is spent on arms and military resources!


So imagine if you will, another figure; for only 5% of the current Ministry of Defence budget, the Ministry of Peace could expand the work of international peace builders; keeping the dream alive and Being the change as those who effectively organise peace.


Greg Braden shares a story of being priviledged to witness a first nations Chief complete a rain ceremony, he learns that in their culture they do not pray for rain they pray rain. . . The time is now to create a new peace narrative.  That is an idea worth spreading!


"Let's take a stand for peaceful evolution, despite the extraordinary material forces arrayed against it.  The ways of violence and brute force have always amassed material power, but don't let that stop you.   Love has cosmic support."   Marianne Williamson


This International Peace Day 21 September 2019 let's #StandInPeace again with Social Justice, Equality, Intersectionality, Environmental and Economic Sustainability.


We are global citizens and we share responsibility for what is happening around the world.   Write to your local MP, policy makers and peace makers local, and global we support the desire for a Ministry of Peace, become a peace architect, share this information with your social networks and your mailing list, together we can create the shift to multi-dimensional approaches to peace 'a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. . .'  Charles Eisenstein


Register here with us, for dialogue and action engineered by our international partners at the Peace Alliance, The Shift Newtork in the United States, Positive News and the Tutu Foundation UK; sign the UK petition to establish a Ministry of Peace.


"We will not solve the problems of the world, from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them."   Albert Einstein

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