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   Peace Ambassadors                



These courses and events have been designed specifically because there are so many crises in the world; and, we all know from personal experience how challenging and insurmountable they can sometimes feel.


Many of you may know about synchronicity; I experienced, one such moment earlier in the year; when I knew profoundly, I wanted to explore how inner peace could be translated into world peace. The teacher appeared.  It is this I would also like to share with you here:


My partners at The SHIFT Network together with James O'Dea have created this timely online experience "The 7 Initiations of a Great Peacemaker"


Here you will also find more information about many positive peacebuilding initiatives taking place from the inner to the international, such as The Peace Ambassadors Training.


If you would like to know how to integrate a spiritually fulfilling life, to live with passion and create life enhancing, sustainable solutions as Evolutionary Leaders then join us!


Ella Matheson

Founder Peace in the City


This is a powerful free audio recording on "The 7 Initiations of a Great Peacemaker" led by world renowned social healer and peace pioneer James O'Dea.


This audio is for anyone who believes peace on planet earth IS possible and wants to learn the most potent peace practices to truly be part of the change our world needs. 


Please sign up here for your free download: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/7i/peaceinthecity/


On this 75-minute recording, James O'Dea shares how you can resonate authenticity, truth-force and the healing energies of compassion in your everyday life; what it really takes to handle conflict, wounding and obstacles; and the most peaceful and compassionate ways you can transform the way you relate to others who seem to block you on your path.


James has led a life of extraordinary initiations into the heart of human suffering, powerful reconciliation and great peacemaking, and now you have the opportunity to hear his latest breakthrough insights.

Again, here is the link to access the free audio is: https://shiftnetwork.isrefer.com/go/7i/peaceinthecity/



Discover The Leading-Edge Practices and Tools You Need to 

Cultivate Peace In Your Heart, Family, Community and Our World.


Learn from the world’s top peace visionaries, 
and become an impassioned ambassador 
for inner and outer peace.


In joining, you can become part of a community of over 800 Peace Ambassadors around the world!


Click here for more information:


Peace Ambassador Training is for you if:


  • You long to be a true peacebuilder during this pivotal time in history – but know you could be more effective if you had the right skills, practices and community support.

  • You want to help heal personal and collective wounds – and are open to learning new ways to do it.

  • You strive to communicate in a healthy way that brings people, families and organizations together to work and collaborate on solutions more effectively.

  • You hunger for a comprehensive peacebuilding blueprint that gives you the essential skillset and tools of a social leader and healer.

  • You want to learn and develop techniques for cultivating inner peace and spaciousness, removing the walls around your own heart, so you can come to a genuine forgiveness and healing around past wounds and teach others to do the same.

  • You see that there is an amazing opportunity for positive change in the world – and you want to learn from the most inspiring leaders and visionaries about how to play your highest role.




Click here for more information on the course or to reserve your place for the next training