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   Peace Architect Certification     



Who is the Peace Architect Certification For? The Peace Archhitect Certification is open to people from all backgrounds.  It enables people to explore how to be Compassion Consultants within their own spheres of influence i.e. at work, in communities, families, or particular areas of conflict around the world.


As a participant you do not need to have any prior qualifications, or ‘experience’ of ‘peacemaking’, it is also valuable to those seeking the 'how' of Being an Evolutionary Leader.   In addition, we all have experience of Being peace architects whether we recognise it as such or not, and your thoughts, experiences and reflections will be a valued part of the joint exploration into what it means to be an enlightened 21st Century Peace Architect.


All you need to bring as a participant is a willingness to journey together to a deeper understanding of peace and how to relate that to your own life and the lives of those around you.

Peace Architect Certification is a 3 month online programme that is completed alongside your daily routine.  We are building a community of peace makers and the programme is specifically designed to give participants the resources to be Compassion Consultants within their own spheres of influence.


The programme begins with an introductory five days, and three weekend webinars spaced throughout the three months.


The programme takes place in a variey of formats, including web-based discussions and communications, webinars presentations, individual exercises, group exercises, and support from the programmes Peace in the City facilitator.


You may also be partnered with a mentor during the programme to guide and encourage you on your peace maker outcomes..


The Peace Architect Programme focuses on a number of areas that are important for us to explore, together they complete an applied understanding and enlightened depth to what it means to be a Peace Architect..


Throughout the Peace Architect experience there is a focus on narrative.  Our own individual stories, stories that inspire us, stories that warn us; stories from history, and stories in the making today.  The Peace Architect Certification is essentially about exploring stories of our mutual connectedness and inter-Being,


Stories are used metaphorically, to be the narratives of our lives; the lives of those around us; and the lives of those who have gone before.

Around this idea of story and narrative we explore key areas as we begin to explore these areas we will see how they are interconnected and interdependent in our understanding of being peacemakers.


The themes are shown in the diagram below, click on each one to find out more…


The programme gradually reveals each of these areas, and time is set aside for dialogue, reflection and visioning.


The themes also feed into the Reflection Exercises and Personal Action Exercises which help you to think through the issues raised, express your own thoughts and observations, and begin to apply some of the principles in your own life.


The Peace Architect Certification is about enabling you to ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’, and a significant part of the Peace Architect experience is giving you the opportunity to dream dreams, and imagine how to keep the dream alive in your spheres of influence.