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#StandInPeace 2016

Please join us for a Global Synchronised Meditation at 12:00 GMT on Wednesday September 21st International Peace Day.  (Followed by a flower distribution)



We are co-hosting with Unify, Gandhi Foundation UK, Tutu Foundation UK and Brahma Kumaris UK a global meditation, where all across the world in different time zones at 12:00 21st September, there will be meditations to promote peace, harmony and unity between all human beings.   Bringing people together of all backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures through meditation, we believe that it is possible to inspire and motivate for a positive change.  


Please share with the hashtag #StandInPeace


There is tremendous impact when as individuals we desire infinite possibilities to feel harmony, equality and unity, the foundations for love and for peace.


"I Have a Dream" Martin Luther King Nobel Peace Prize winner 1964, Humanitarian, this speech on August 28, 1963, is a defining moment of world history.


We keep the dream alive by sharing the same dreams and aspirations to experience love and peace in our lives.  This time, space reality offers  the opportunity of unique experiences, to witness the evolution of the planet, of humanity and consciousness.


Whilst these experiences are sometimes beautiful, painful and intense by choosing to #StandInPeace we create vibrational harmony of peace.  





























Partners in Peace



Please contribute to the Flower Fund with a donation this will also be used to distribute flowers to people in places of conflict 


                 #StandInPeace @


       Gandhi Statue Parliament Square                                SW1P 3JX   

       Wednesday 21 September 2016

                    12;00  (GMT)

Partners in Peace

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