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   A Glocal experiment of inner peace to international peace. . .

   Join us for a glocal online peace summit, please see below for more information

Transforming Conflict in Your Heart,

Your Relationships and the World.



                    Mindful Meditation


                       8 Weeks From 9 July - 27 August

                                      18:30 - 20:00


                        @ Marylebone Library

                       Macintosh House, 54 Beaumont St,

                                   London W1G 6DW


                  Call for more information: 0207 641 6200

                               OR Click here to Book 





This is an experiential evening which has it's roots in Buddhism and is combined with cutting edge tools and techniques borrowed from neuroscience which lead to greater well-being and creativity at home and at work. You don't have to be spiritual, recite a mantra or meditate in a group.


     Mindfulness meditation provides you with

             the tools to live your best life!


Summer of Peace

  Summer of Peace